Our Vision

To return our common climate to the safe, sane level of 350ppm of CO2—or lower--in a way that best promotes a just and sustainable world

Our Mission

Inspiring Minnesotans to rise to the challenge of the climate crisis: to create a new sense of urgency and possibility for our planet. We shine a spotlight on the work of existing organizations by highlighting their incredible work. We knit many efforts together in a powerful and unified call to action—a call that is global, scientific, and specific. We stitch together a whole that is truly greater than the sum of its parts. What does that mean? MN350 is building a climate change movement in Minnesota. As a grassroots, volunteer-driven organization, MN350 is creating the societal and political will to curb expanded use of fossil fuels in addition to the adoption of clean energy.  Further, MN350 is also focused on changing the demand for energy, while also creating alternative ways to live in a sustainable, just, and fulfilling world.

We are fighting for what we love.

Sign Up for a MN350 Team!

We are pleased to announce seven teams that will be working to move MN350 forward in building the Minnesota climate movement.  Sign up to plug in your skills and energy here.

Contact the Coordinator: kate@MN350.org or 651-402-8901

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