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Five years ago, our state took a big bipartisan step to cleaner energy and a stronger economy, proving that we can create thousands of jobs. But our work is not done. Now, we have an opportunity to take the next big step forward – transitioning to clean, renewable energy like wind and solar power, increasing energy efficiency, and making it easier to generate local power.

We can’t afford to wait. We must promote clean, renewable energy, reduce costs and red tape for these industries, and promote energy efficiency to ensure family-supporting jobs, clean air to breathe, clean water to drink, and a preserved natural environment for future generations to come.


We are in a critical time for Minnesota — the environment, the well being of our communities, and our future energy supply. In 2005, Minnesota agreed to cut carbon emissions by 80% by 2050!  This is the type of transition and commitment we need to hold our policy makers accountable to.

The change in the leadership in the Minnesota legislature provides a large and unanticipated opportunity to make significant progress forward.  The Next Generation Energy Act is a truly amazing, nation-leading piece of legislation and it is already on the books!

Check out this Summary of Next Generation Energy Act of 2007.

If you have been working on these issues and see ways we can collaborate, or if you are new to all of this and want to get involved,  contact 

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Current Climate Policy Information

BREAKING NEWS: The Energy Omnibus bill has officially passed into law! A huge thank you goes out to all the people who have helped us and worked so hard on clean energy issues this legislative session.

The bill includes a 1.5% solar energy standard by 2020, with a goal of 10% by 2030. If you’re interested in reading the official Clean Energy and Jobs Coalition press release, click here.

Unfortunately, the Transportation Bill didn’t fare as well. Instead of fighting for more funding for transportation, we ended up fighting against cuts. We definitely need to build more public support and put more pressure on politicians to increase our access to alternative transportation – whether that’s biking, walking, or mass transit.

Now, between legislative sessions, we’re gearing up to come back strong next session and build support throughout MN for clean energy and transportation issues.


You’re invited - CLEAN ENERGY SUMMIT

Saturday, June 8th, 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.
Maplewood Public Library, 3025 Southlawn Dr, Maplewood, MN 55109

Thanks to the hard work of clean energy supporters across the state, Minnesota is taking a big step forward towards solar energy this year! This will help us move beyond burning coal towards a clean energy future while creating new jobs in our state!

Join Minnesota clean energy organizing leaders for a meeting to:

  • Get a policy update on Minnesota’s new clean energy & jobs policy
  • Debrief the successes and challenges of building and demonstrating public support during the legislative session
  • Discuss strategies to build on this year’s victory
  • Make plans for summer clean energy outreach
Questions: Abbie Plouff at, or Jessica Tritsch at

Check back soon for ways to get involved in organizing and mobilization this summer!

What legislation were we fighting for in the 2013 session? Here’s a breakdown of the two bills and our coalition work:

1) Transportation Bill 2013 -Transit for a Stronger Economy

If enacted, this bill will make transit options more available throughout Minnesota. We would like to raise $300 million for expansion of transportation lines in the Twin Cities metro area and greater MN.

For more information, visit the Transit for a Stronger Economy webpage.

Let us know if you make contact with your representative.

2) Energy Omnibus Bill 2013

When enacted, this bill will create a standard for solar energy in MN of 4% by 2020. The utilities in MN have largely been very successful in implementing renewable energy in MN, so we want to take that even farther by increasing the Solar Energy Standard. This will create sustainable jobs in MN while lowering our carbon footprint! The bill also creates avenues for more locally generated power, meaning that regular MN citizens will be able to sell their renewable energy to the grid more efficiently, and create power for their own communities.

Click here for more information and to take action on the Energy Omnibus Bill.

Let us know if you make contact with your representative.

Be a Mover and Shaker. Get Involved!



Nearly 250 people came to the capitol on Earth Day to lobby their legislators on the importance of clean energy. The day was filled with energy policy, a solar and plug-in car show, and culminated in a lively rally at 3 pm. The rally kicked off with the youth march for climate action arriving at the capitol, and we heard from notable speakers such as Gov. Dayton, Rep. Ellison, and Will Steger. We were joined by 700 people in the rotunda to make some noise about Clean Energy and Jobs!

Take a moment to call your state Senator to urge them to vote for the Energy Omnibus Bill. To find their contact information, click here. We anticipate the Senate vote will take place on Monday, May 13.

Thank you to everyone who was able to attend!

Don’t worry, there are still ways to contribute to the effort. Within the next week, we will see a vote on the floor in both the MN House and MN Senate. It’s time to turn up the heat on our legislators to ensure they vote the right way.

Call your legislator today to urge them to vote for the Energy Omnibus Bill. Click here to type in your zip code and get the contact information for your state representatives and senators.

If you live in the metro area and are interested in volunteering to get calls in to Senators, consider joining the coalition phone banks.

Saturday May 4th – 10am – 1pm
Sunday May 5th – 5pm-8:30pm
Monday May 6th – 6pm-8:30pm

All of these will take place at the Sierra Club’s office, 2327 E Franklin Ave Minneapolis, MN 55406.

Governor Dayton puts climate change on his top agenda!

On February 6, 2013, Governor Mark Dayton took time to talk about the urgency of climate change in his state of the state address. This is a huge moment for the climate movement in Minnesota, because it means that we have broad support at the state level! One of the goals of the Advance Next Generation Energy Campaign is to encourage the governor to remain a leader on climate change.

Take some time today to thank the governor for his support.

Follow this link to contact Gov. Dayton

Here’s an example of what you could say:

Thank you for making climate change a priority for Minnesota! Mitigating climate change and reducing our carbon footprint is essential to providing for the future generations of this state. Without our clean air and water, without our land for growing food, we can not survive. Thank you for understanding the utmost urgency of this issue, and for understanding that reducing our carbon footprint provides us with a great opportunity to create jobs and build a sustainable economy. Our children and grandchildren thank you!