Oil Campaigns

Oil companies are harvesting the earth’s third largest oil reserve in landlocked Alberta, Canada. And they are increasingly fracking the oil fields of North Dakota and Manitoba for light crude oil. With demand for refined products decreasing in the US, companies like Enbridge and Transcanada are expanding pipeline networks to get the oil out to international markets. Increasingly , rail is also being used.  Oil extraction[K2] , transportation[K3]  and use is a key contributor to climate change[K4] .,  From a climate change perspective, the time to stop the continued increase in extraction of these extreme forms of oil is NOW.  Switching to renewable energy[K5]  is the better way to a sustainable future.

MN350 is taking action to hold the fossil fuel companies accountable, to stand in the way of further pipeline development[K6] , and to ensure our communities are prepared in the event of a toxic spill.

Our members demonstrated in DC and spoke out at the Nebraska public hearing against Keystone XL [link to Keystone XL pipeline]. In Minnesota, we’re on the front lines contesting the Enbridge Alberta Clipper pipeline capacity increase at the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission.

MN350 is also supporting legislation to ensure first responders are prepared and equipped when there is an oil spill by rail or pipeline. Read more about our work on the legislative initiative, the Oil Spill Defense Act [link to the oil spill defense act].

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 [K2]Link to oil extraction page

 [K3]Link to transportation page

 [K4]Possible link to climate change page

 [K5]Link to page

 [K6]Link to pipeline development page

 [K7]Albert Clipper’s hearings all done – Sandpiper will be upcoming.