Take the pledge to be a clean energy voter

In the last 5 years we've seen explosive growth in the clean energy industry, with more and more countries meeting their energy needs with wind and solar.  Global investment in clean energy is skyrocketing as costs of renewables come down and as climate change presents an increasingly serious risk to life on Earth.  

Unfortunately, energy policy across the country and in our state does not reflect the global clean energy upswing.  In Minnesota alone, big polluters employ dozens of lobbyists at the state Capitol who want to hold back our transition to clean energy, and in doing so, our state has missed the goals we set for moving to a renewable economy.

In order to keep our planet safe and healthy for our kids and grandkids, we need to show legislative candidates that their voters want a clean energy future so they feel accountable to protecting our water, air and communities from climate disruption.  

That's why we need you to PLEDGE TO BE A CLEAN ENERGY VOTER.  


I pledge:

To be a clean energy voter. That means that politicians who want my vote need to tell me what they will do to promote a clean energy future for Minnesota -- one that will protect our families, climate, and water, while creating good jobs. 

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