House Party

"The movers and shakers on our planet, aren't the billionaires and generals, they are the incredible numbers of people around the world filled with love for neighbor and for the earth who are resisting, remaking, restoring, renewing and revitalising." - Bill McKibben


YOU'RE INVITED to a fundraising Garden Party to learn more about Minnesota 350 and their work to resist the fossil fuel industry and to work toward a clean energy future. MN350 has successfully mobilized people across the state to:

  • Stopped the Sandpiper fracked oil pipeline
  • Gotten US Bank to pledge to not to invest in oil and gas pipeline construction projects.
  • Resisted roll-backs on clean energy at the State Capitol and successfully beat back a provision that would have done away with normal environmental review on new pipelines.

Join us to more about MN350's summer and fall plans, how to plug in, and ways to donate to help power the movement.

June 24, 2017 at 6pm - 9pm
Jean Gorman's Home
Jean Gorman

Will you come?