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Claire Krebs

Claire is currently studying at the University of St. Thomas and is double majoring in Psychology and Environmental Studies.  With these two majors, she has the objective to change human behavior to be more sustainable, conservative, and environmentally conscious.  As one of her favorite professors once said, the world's "environmental problems" are not actually problems with the environment, but are problems with human behavior--which can only be absolved by addressing social issues and changing the way in which humans act.  As an intern for MN350 and Alliance for Sustainability, she will be researching what Minnesotans can do to achieve 350 parts per million.  Hopefully, with her background in both Environmental Studies and Psychology, she will be able to find a solution to a more sustainable Minnesota.   Claire is currently working with Alliance for Sustainability as well as MN350 to research what Minnesota can do to reach our goal of 350 ppm. As of right now, she is researching Minnesota Climate Change Advisory group and Re-AMP to see what they recommend to get our carbon emissions lowered.  From there, she will be looking over these recommendations and deciding which is more beneficial to Minnesota.  Hopefully, after some researching and talking with professionals in this field, she might be able to answer the question: What can Minnesota do to get below 350 ppm?

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