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Have you ever seen the exposed oil pipelines running through the treasured waterways of Minnesota? Do you know what the oil distribution company Enbridge Energy Corp. and the MN Public Utilities Commission is planning to risk in expanding the capacity of these pipelines? Join us for Minnesota’s Tar Sands Fight:  A Trip to the Pipeline. This will be an all day excursion that will include visits to the Clearbrook Tank Farms, exposed pipeline at Cass Lake and the Red Lake Encampment.  Marty Cobenais, pipeline organizer for the Indigenous Environmental Network, will be leading the tour.  The group is leaving from Minneapolis but if you would be interested in organizing a group from your community to join us for the tour, please let us know! UPDATE: Future trips coming soon! Our goals of this trip are to connect folks and see first hand the impacts to local communities, learn more about the Enbridge expansion and what that means for those living along the pipeline, for the air and watersheds, to attract media attention as we raise awareness about the local tar sands fight.  

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