content before flipMinnesotans Travel to Nebraska for KXL Public Hearing:  Minnesota was represented at the Keystone XL hearings in Nebraska by 44 intrepid souls who braved two all-night bus rides (one there and one back) in sometimes blizzard conditions to testify against the pipeline and support the other testifiers. An estimated 1000 people joined us from all over the country where we heard powerful testimony by local ranchers and farmers, Indigenous allies, victims of tar sands spills from Michigan and the latest spill in Arkansas in addition to our own Minnesota activists. The few proponents testifying were greatly outnumbered by the massive crowd wearing the red, white and blue "Pipeline Fighter" t-shirts. We returned home emboldened by the powerful, inspiring and emotional testimony we heard and wondering how anyone in their right mind could possible approve KXL. The State Department's environmental review of the pipeline is deeply flawed and compromised by its affiliation with TransCanada contractors. Here is a comprehensive explanation of the report and its fatal flaws. Andrea and Wesley testified.  Andrea spoke for all those (like Wesley) who couldn't yet speak for themselves.


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