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The MN350 Education and Outreach Team hit the streets at the Al Gore Westminster Forum yesterday and handed out 950 of the new MN350 flyers designed by the team with the great assistance of David Howell our newest team member. The Gore event had over 2800 people attending and it was quite a "rush" in all senses of the word to be making our message known in the midst of all that energy. We expect great things to show up for MN350 resulting from this work. The team is working on 3 projects: 1.Promoting a new speakers bureau Responding to the many requests that MN350 receives for speakers, we have developed a speakers bureau that will connect both professional speakers and citizen trained speakers to present the work we are doing to new groups throughout the state. 2.Connecting with our membership: The team is organizing an effort to contact all the people on our membership list to listen to their voice and to let them know about the work we are doing. This work will be critical in getting out grass roots support for the ANGE campaign. 3.Messaging for MN350: Clear messaging targeted to the diverse constituency of our movement is critical to the success of MN350. Our team is using national research that addresses this issue. Shazzamm !!!!

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