Movement Stories


Stories are central to passing along information in a way that connects each of us together and captures our hearts. With an issue such as climate change where impacts and solutions are spread hundreds to thousands miles apart, knowing and feeling the gravity of the changing climate can be challenging. These are the stories of our neighbors, our communities, our places and the planet that are happening now. We hope to share stories that will educate and inspire courage in all of us to stand together in a call for urgent action on climate change. Do you have a climate movement story to share? Contact   Read our movement stories below.

Nineteen hours and forty two minutes

Nineteen hours and forty two minutes of reading, small talk, fidgeting and eventually, for the lucky ones, snoring. On Saturday, February 16th, I boarded a bus, bound for Washington DC to participate in a climate change rally. There were 187 Minnesotans in all, united in our opposition to the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline. This pipeline will unlock and carry the dirty tar sands oil out of Canada across the Great Plains, to a tax free zone in Texas, where it will be shipped around the world to the highest bidder. This rally would try to awaken a slumbering, or should I say uninterested or uneducated nation, to the horrific damage they are doing to the future lives of their greatest treasure, their grandchildren.

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A musician, his guitar and freedom from fuel

5,000 miles sounds like an awfully long commute, but for musicians and other professionals, traveling long distances is just part of the job.  Most musicians don’t think twice about jumping in a van, bus or airplane to play for crowds around the country.  For Paul Doffing, a local Minnesota singer/songwriter who is looking to hit the national scene, this poses a conflict of interest.  In order to promote and share his music he needs to travel, yet he is concerned about our heavy reliance on fossil fuels and the impacts that reliance has on the planet.  Paul is thinking twice about his opportunity to, as Gandhi so famously challenged, “be the change we want to see in the world” and is preparing for an epic journey.  He is going to tour by bicycle.

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