About MN350

MN350's Guiding Narrative

This is a living statement of our collective intention guiding our work toward a livable future.

As members of the collective, myriad human family, the collective, myriad family of living organisms, and our shared living ecosphere, MN350 works toward a just, equitable, livable, thriving, sustainable world.

We believe that each human and human community has the ability and agency to live their self-defined “best life,” as long as those choices don’t compromise the ability of other humans, other biological beings, or our shared ecological systems to live their best lives.

We recognize that for true justice and sustainability to occur, we must act on these as unified concepts.

We both name climate change as the most pervasive threat to human and ecological systems, and expose climate change as a symptom of an underlying system built on injustice and commodification.

We as humans must emulate our ecological roots, actively resisting and dismantling cultural and institutional barriers that raise one culture or system up as “the best,” and elevating diversity in strategies of living as a foremost value.

We unmask the cultural illusion of superiority over and disconnection from our fellow human beings, our fellow biological beings, and our shared world. We further uphold the values of reciprocity, interdependence, reverence, and reconciliation.