Oil Campaigns

Minnesotans have a choice -- continue to allow the huge amount of “extreme” oil flowing into our state from Canada and North Dakota or deeply engage in getting our warming planet back to a more stable level.  Extraction of these oils wastes energy, sacrifices communities and the environment  and releases huge amounts of greenhouse gases leading to a “game over” scenario for the climate. As Minnesota is now a superhighway of oil into the US, MN350 is contesting the need for oil pipeline capacity increases [Link to Alberta Clipper campaign], new pipelines [Link to Sandpiper campaign], massive increases in rail transport [Link to Planed Rail Expansion in Minnesota], and even shipping on Lake Superior [Link to shipping Oil on the Great Lakes].  We are working with many partners [Link to Partners] to pass new legislation on oil spill response and safety [Link to Oil Spill Bill]and to keep the oil in the ground to protect and safeguard Minnesotan land, fresh water, and communities for generations to come.