Oil Campaigns

There are a number of pipeline projects at various stages of development. MN350 encourages you to stay informed and to lend your voice to the decision making process. Learn more about MN350 pipeline actions[link to mn350 pipeline actions]

There are numerous opportunities to participate in the approval process[link to Intervene in the pipeline approval process], depending upon what the oil transport companies are trying to do. You can: 

  • Write to John Kerry at the Department of State and ask him to deny the Presidential Permits for tar sands pipelines
  • Attend a public hearing [link to pipeline hearings]
  • Submit a comment [link to submit a comment] to the PUC during the public comment period
  • During legislative sessions, you can contact your legislator to support legislation, like the Oil Spill Bill  [link to oil spill defense act] that was recently passed
  • You can attend a public rally [link to attend a rally] to draw attention to the significant risks these pipelines pose to our health [link to dangers to human health], our water supply [link to risks to rivers and drinking water], our environment and our climate [link to oil and climate change].


Stay Up to Date on Pipeline Issues

We’ve provided links to some important watchdog groups[link to pipeline watchdogs], including the Tar Sands News.

Join Our Pipeline Action Team

We normally meet every other Thursday at the IATP Building, 2104 Stevens Ave S, Minneapolis 6-8:30 PM. Locate the next meeting on our Web page [Link to MN350 events calendar] or send an e-mail to Kathy@mn350.org or Andy@mn350.org

Take an active role in organizing the community to respond. Help plan events and attend events all across Minnesota working with a dedicated group of people. For the health of our people and living planet, the action team brings oil pipeline and railroad transport issues to public awareness and creates opportunities for the public to fight irresponsible oil transport development.

The Federal Process

TAKE ACTION TODAY[link to take action] to keep oil in the ground. Sign up[link to email signup] to stay informed of our latest oil campaign by email. If you’d like to be part of the action team working on this issue, email Kathy Hollander, tar sands team leader.