Oil Campaigns

Enbridge Alberta Clipper Expansion[link to Alberta Clipper Pipeline 67 expansion]line-67-marker-34KB.jpg

Enbridge wants to increase the capacity of its Alberta Clipper pipeline by 350,000 barrels per day of tar sands crude oil[link to toxic tar sands oil] up to its maximum capacity of 800,000 bpd. That’s an increase of over 5 billion gallons per year! Extraction and consumption of this oil will release an additional 80 million metric tons of greenhouse gases per year into the atmosphere – the equivalent of adding 16 million cars to the road or 23 polluting coal-fired power plants. (Picture: Line 67 marker where the  pipeline enters West Four Fingered Lake) 

Enbridge Line 3 Replacement[link to Enbridge line 3]

Enbridge Line 3 was built in 1962 with steel pipe that had been damaged in shipment. Over the years, it has developed stress corrosion cracking and weld failures. The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency recommended this pipe be replaced in 2003, or be run under reduced pressure. Enbridge has finally announced its intention to replace the pipeline, possibly citing the pipeline in a new location. After it has been replaced, they will increase the capacity from 390,000 barrels per day to 760,000 barrels per day. Spills from this old pipeline account for over one half of all the oil spills in Minnesota.

Enbridge Sandpiper New Pipeline[link to sandpiper]

Enbridge has applied [link to PUC] for a new pipeline from North Dakota to Superior, WI to carry 275,000 barrels per day to Clearbrook, MN and then 375,000 barrels per day on to Superior WI. Many people are opposed to this proposed route as it crosses wild rice lakes, lakeshore properties and organic farms.

Enbridge (Southern Lights)  Line 13 Capacity Increase[link to Line 13]line-13-marker-42KB.jpg

This pipeline transports “diluent,” the thinning hydrocarbons added to tar sands bitumen to enable it to be shipped in a pipeline.  The diluents in this pipeline flow from Chicago back to Alberta for reuse. Another Enbridge subsidiary, Southern Lights, applied for a capacity increase from 180,000 to 275,000 barrels per day.

Minnesota Pipeline Co. Line 4 Capacity Increase

Koch Industries, primary owners of Minnesota Pipe Line Co., has announced they will seek approval to increase the capacity of their Line 4 pipeline to 350,000 barrels per day, up from the current 165,000 barrels per day.  

TAKE ACTION TODAY[link to take action] to prevent an increase in oil pipeline capacity and new pipelines from being built. Join with MN350 as we work together to protect our people, our communities and our environment.