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Minnesotans Gather to Demonstrate Against Local Tar Sands Pipeline Expansion

Minneapolis, MN -- “Enbridge Over Troubled Waters” is a demonstration of Minnesotans working to secure a livable future as they join together in demanding that tar sands stay in the ground, and are deliberately replaced with renewable, alternative energy sources.

WHEN:  Saturday, July 27th at 4:30pm

WHERE:  Stone Arch Bridge, Minneapolis, MN

WHAT:  Street theater portraying the growing threat to lives, natural resources, and property from the increased flows of tar sands that Enbridge Inc. wants to push through its Alberta Clipper pipeline in northern Minnesota.

This event is organized by the climate justice group, MN350, in part with “Summer Heat,” a nationwide series of actions on climate change.  The event will feature vibrant visuals, including larger-than-life puppets and a fossil-fuel-burning factory, complete with balloons of greenhouse gases trailing from its smokestacks and an Enbridge/KXL tar sands pipeline attached to it.

MN350 and partners aim to raise awareness in the state of MN of the devastating impacts tar sands development and increased capacity of tar sands running through pipelines in northern MN have on the climate as well as our communities, waterways, agricultural land and ecosystems.  As Tom McSteen, lead convener of MN350 was quoted in a Star Tribune article last week, “our goal will is to keep tar sands in the ground”.  This refers to the 80% of the fossil fuel industries carbon reserves we need to keep in the ground in order to keep the temperature of the planet/atmosphere below 2 degrees celsius and avoid complete climate catastrophe*.

Following the demonstration, MN350 and leaders of divestment campaigns across the state will be gathering to GROW divestment through information sharing and conversation.  It will be a showcase of the many on- and off-campus divestment campaigns in Minnesota working to get institutions and individuals to pull out all investments in the fossil fuel industry, claiming that it’s wrong to profit from the destruction of livelihoods and planet.

*Bill McKibben Article, Global Warming's Terrifying New Math

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