Get Involved

Start Something!

Staff, interns and volunteers at MN350 can be a great resource for people who want to start a climate action project in their home community anywhere in Minnesota.

  • Are you looking for ideas for actions your group could take?
  • Do you need resources to help you organize climate change events or trainings?
  • Do you want to raise visibility of the climate crisis in your local media?
  • Do you want to influence local and state politicians? 

We can help.

Are you new to organizing? Are you still getting a handle on all the facts about climate change? We can provide training.

Events create excitement and forward movement as more people become aware of the issue and decide to join in the action. MN350 provides a toolkit and event templates [link to event templates] to help you get started.

Are you looking for event ideas? Check out some past MN350 actions. We can also help you brainstorm actions that could work in your community.

Check out our Media Guide [link to Work with the Media] for advice on how to generate excitement and buzz about your project by working with the media. You’ll find templates for event advisories and press releases. You’ll find guidance on taking great photos and creating videos.

Questions? Contact lead coordinator Kate Jacobson or call 651-402-8901.