Understanding Climate Change

Climate change is a big topic, and a controversial one at that, at least for some people.  At MN350 we base our understanding of climate on the work of global climate scientists who are part of the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), the leading international body tasked since 1988 with assessing climate change.

For this group, there is no controversy. Ninety-eight percent (98%) of climate scientists agree that the planet is warming and that this is primarily the result of human activity, most notably the burning of fossil fuels. (There are other human activities, such as deforestation, impacting climate change as well.)

On this website, we’ve provided you with some basic climate facts to ground you in the current scientific understanding of climate change. We have also provided information specifically about how climate change is impacting Minnesota. Our state is unique in that it is home to three distinct natural habitats – the prairie region in the west and south, the deciduous forests running through the middle of the state, and coniferous forests in the Superior region. Climate change will affect each of these biomes differently.  

Climate change will also have a significant impact on animals and humans. Connect the dots to learn more about how it will affect human physical health.

Other Resources on Climate Change

  • The IPCC
  • this site offers online university courses on a wide range of topics, including climate change and energy
  • Other sources you want to list?

Related Impacts

Psychological impacts will grow as changes in climate become more pronounced. Dr. Joanna Macy has been a pioneer in this area. In the face of overwhelming social and ecological crises, her work helps people transform despair and apathy into constructive, collaborative action.

If you are ready to take action, some of our members have created a document offering their advice on personal action steps you can take. Check out Movement Stories for first-hand accounts of actions others have taken. Of course, MN350 is one avenue for effective collaboration with others across Minnesota. Joining one of our action teams or volunteering with our organization can not only change the face of Minnesota, it can be personally fulfilling and empowering.

We hope you will join us in tackling climate change, the greatest challenge facing the world today.